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Prince XL Spool Gun

Prince® XL Spool Gun

  • Models:             319-725, 319-750
  • Lengths:           25 ft and 50 ft lengths (7.6 m and 15.2 m)


The most versatile pistol grip welding gun in the world, the Prince® XL spool gun provides 1 or 2 lb wire spool flexibility and a pistol grip design weighing less than 3 lbs. Connect the Prince® XL spool gun to any CV or CC power supply using the WC-1 Control or one of our simple interfaces to most any manufacturer’s power supply.


  • EZ-Lock® 360° rotating barrels in 6”,12”, and 18”, straight or curved. Uses Python® gun consumables and 1 or 2 lb spools.
  • Can be easily converted to a push pull gun for use with a 12” spool in the Cobramatic® cabinet.
  • 3¾ turn potentiometer provides easy control over a wide range of welding conditions.
  • Wire feed speed 900 IPM
Duty Cycle 100%
Rated Output
Rated Output

Rated Output determined by the gun having an Air Cooled (A/C) barrel.

Prince XL Spool Gun A/C is 225 Amps


  • Optional Ultra Flex power cable offers more durability and less strain when welding. (Part Numbers below)

  • Can use the Flex Barrel for hard to reach welds

  • Capable of Aluminum Welding as well as Hard Wire Welding (Steel, stainless steel and flux core steel wires)

  • Spool Gun Control Cable Extension 25 ft Kit, (005-0660)

Part Numbers

Length Part Number Length Part Number
25 ft (7.6 m)
50 ft (15.2 m)

Consumables Overview

  • Snake Skin (Standard)
  • 931-0122 25ft
  • 931-0123 50ft

  • Consumables
  • Barrels and Gas Cups
  • Contact Tips
  • Tip extenders
    (P/Ns below)

Air Cooled
Air Cooled and Water Cooled Consumables
  • More Consumables
  • Barrel Liners
  • Drive rolls
  • Tips for Hard Wire
  • Wire Type and Diameter
    (P/Ns below)

More Consumables

Consumables - Cups and Tips Connectivity

Extend Your Reach and Save Barrel Tip Threads

Not only can tip extenders extend the reach of your gun, but they also protect the threaded end of your barrel from damage. Some extenders are stackable and some are not – see below to determine. Adapters allow you to change the output rating on your guns by changing the contact tip and gas cup configuration to a “beefier” tip & cup configuration.

Barrel Tip Extender Adapter Contact Tip Gas Cup
Python/LX/Prince XL
Tip Extenders
P/N 621-0424
NON stackable
Not Applicable
Contact Tips
3/8 inch diameter

Gas Cups

Finned Copper A/C

More Consumables

Barrel Liners: Aluminum

Barrel Liners: Hard Wire Spiral Steel Liner

Hard Wire - Flex Barrel Spiral Steel Liner
(Prince XL, Prince XL SG)
615-0353-12, 615-0353-18
615-0353-24, 615-0353-36

Read More

Wire Type and Diameter

Solid and Hard wire
.030” - .045”
(0.8 mm - 1.1 mm)

Aluminum and
Cored wire

.030” - 1/16”
(0.8 mm - 1.6 mm)

Drive Rolls

Additional Enhancements For Aluminum Capabilities

Drive Roll Kits:

  • Knurled (Standard)
  • Insulated Grooved (Opt)
  • Insulated Knurled (Opt)

  • Drive roll installation / removal tool (931-0100)

For P/Ns Read More

Contact Tips for Hard Wire

Steel, Stainless and
Flux Core Steel wire

3/8” Contact Tips
Python LX XL MAX MXmax

.030”(0.8 mm) 621-0396-25
.035”(0.9 mm) 621-0397-25
.045”(1.1 mm) 621-0398-25

Read More

Gun Lead Assembly Components - Spool GUN

Length Gas Hose Control Cable Power Cable Power Cable
Ultra Flex
25 ft (7.6 m)
50 ft (15.2 m)

Spool Gun Adapter Selectors

  • Spool Gun Adapters:
  • 005-0264 (Generic, 24VAC)
    All Source

  • 005-0676 (Lincoln, 42VAC)
    14-Pin C/D Trigger

  • 005-0261 (Miller, 24VAC)
    14-Pin A/B Trigger
Spool Gun Adapters: PA-G1, PA-L1 and PA-M1
  • Spool Gun Adapter Cables:
  • 005-0617
    Panasonic Gunslinger 260

  • 005-0206
    ESAB MigMaster 250

  • 005-0689
    ThermalArc Fabricator
Spool Gun Adapter Cables
  • Spool Gun Adapter
  • 001-3066
    MK200 Contactor Box
Spool Gun Adapter MK200 Contactor Box
  • Spool Gun Adapter
  • 001-3062
    WC-1 Spool Gun Control
WC-1 Spool Gun Control

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