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Sidewinder MiniSpool™ Gun

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Sidewinder MiniSpool™ Gun (Air Cooled)
Select the 4-inch barrel for an ultra compact size and profile for limited access or confined welding areas for applications such as auto body repair.
Model #: 321-515 - 4" Barrel P/N: 003-2250 Length: 15 ft (7.6 m)
Model #: 321-525 - 4" Barrel P/N: 003-2250 Length: 25 ft (15.2 m)

Select the 7-inch barrel length for an extended reach into deep channels with steep sidewalls for applications such as channel letter welding of aluminum signs.
Model #: 322-515 - 7" Barrel P/N: 003-2251 Length: 15 ft (7.6 m)
Model #: 322-525 - 7" Barrel P/N: 003-2251 Length: 25 ft (15.2 m)

Intended for applications with limited access, weight
requirements or the need for a small footprint.

4” barrel option and 1/4 lb spool size for fitting into tight, restricted areas.
Extended reach 7” barrel option for getting down into the deepest narrow channel letters.

Combine with SP control modules to connect to small inverters or portable engine-driven power sources.

More Features• For aluminum wires
• Wire feed speed 600 IPM
• Wire type and diameter:
.030”, .035” aluminum wire
(0.8 mm - 0.9 mm)

(MiniSpool™ 1/4 lb welding wire is required for use with this gun)

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Popular accessories• 4” short, straight barrel (003-2250)
• 7” long, straight barrel (003-2251)
• Drive roll installation/removal tool (931-0100)
• 5-piece liner package (931-0140)

Spool Gun Adapter Selectors

Accessories: cups, barrels, tips.

Rated Output
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Rated Output determined by the gun having an


Air Cooled (A/C) barrel.