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We manufacturer Cobra® Welding Systems, including the Cobramatic Pro Series MIG Wire Feeder, MIG welding torches/guns: Prince XL, Python, LX, Cobra MX, SX, Prince XL Spool Gun, Prince Spool Gun and Sidewinder MiniSpool Gun. Lincoln, Miller and Euro compatible welding torches/guns are also available.

Our Orbital Tube Welding Equipment includes: TIG tube welders, Orbital welding power supplies, CopperHeads and DiamondBack weldheads.
Also see our Positioners/Turntables for welding and other purposes.

Push Pull Systems Cobramatic Welding  SystemsCobramatic® Welding Systems Consists of a wire feed cabinet and a welding gun. Together they provide smooth wire feed in all positions
Spool Guns Spool GunsSpool Guns and Adapters
Need to weld aluminum but don’t want to invest in a push-pull wire feed system? See Spool Guns & Adapters.
Orbital Systems Orbital Welding Sytems Orbital Welding Systems
CobraTig 150 Portable GTAW Orbital Tube Welder, CobraCooler, ACL and GTAW Weldheads.
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Gun Selector Guides
Weld Gun Selctor Guide

Push-Pull Weld Guns.

Spool Gun Guide

CobramaticCobramatic Pro SeriesCobramatic Pro Series Cobramatic Pro Series Push-Pull Wire Feeder
Classic MK or EURO style gun connections.

Positioners MK Rotary Turntables/PositionersDigital and Rotary Turntables
Rotate your welding jobs using our tabletop positioners for maximum precision and repeatability.

Consumables MK Products welding Consummables / Accessories.  TIPS, CUPS, BARRELS, COOLANT .etc. Consumables- Accessories
Tips, Cups, Barrels,
Coolant, Flex Barrels, and Barrel Liners Also see the 48° Curved Cup and Tips and Drive Roll Kits.
Connectivity Guide for Cups and Tips
Connectivity Guide for Cups and Tips

Connectivity Guide for Cups and Tips

Product Catalog and Price Book
Product Catalog


Product Catalog

Price Book

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