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Python Push-Pull MIG Welding Gun

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Python® - Advanced Gooseneck

Direct plug-in connectors available for Lincoln, Miller, Fronius, ESAB wire feeders as well as the new MK Cobramatic® Euro 7 Pin. Water and Air Cooled models: 15 ft, 25 ft, 35 ft and 50 ft lengths.
See Wire Feeder Compatibility Chart for Model Numbers. (Also PDF format).
Power and Performance is the best way to describe a gun so advanced that even the competition is on edge. Taking a lesson from both the Cobra® gooseneck and the Prince® XL, the Python adds its own unique set of features with time proven design to bring together the most advanced welding gun available.


Convenient “forward trigger” location.

“Fingertip” wire speed adjustment.
EZ-Lock® barrel can easily rotate 360˚
to provide the perfect angle for all jobs.
Available in both Water and Air Cooled models.

Provides hours of high speed continuous
wire feed without welder fatigue.

For aluminum, stainless, steel and flux cored wires.

More Features • For aluminum, stainless, steel and flux cored wires.
• Wire feed speed 800 IPM.
• Wire type and diameter:
.030” - .045” solid and hard wire
(0.8 mm - 1.1 mm)
.030” - 1/16” aluminum and cored wire
(0.8 mm - 1.6 mm)
• Catalog
Pages Download Pg 1 - Pg 2

Most Popular accessories• Barrel insulator replacement kit (005-0696)
• 5-piece Teflon liner package (931-0137)
• Insulated drive roll kit (005-064X)
• Drive roll install./removal tool (931-0100)
• Spiral steel conduit for steel and cored wire (621-02xx)
• Tip extender, A/C only (621-0424)
Accessories: gas cups, barrels and contact tips. Also
Cups and Tips Connectivity Guide Here

Rated Output
Rated Output

Rated Output determined by the gun having an

Air Cooled (A/C) or

Water Cooled (W/C) barrel.

Use Cobra Coolant for Water Cooled Guns