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CobraTurn® T-260 Turntable

CobraTurn Digital Turntable

COBRATURN T-260 Turntable

  • Model:            127-008

Price: COBRATURN T-260 Turntable


Impressed with the Aircrafter T-250? Check out the newly redesigned CobraTurn T-260 packed with unique features to make your job easier. MK Products has incorporated over 40 years of turntable manufacturing in to this durable yet precision CobraTurn T-260 model. Boasting many new features and improved performance, this is one turntable you can’t pass up. With the ability to turn small parts up to large parts with a 260lb capacity, you won’t find your head spinning to complete your projects.

Note: COBRATURN T-260™ Comes with 10” tabletop included and on/off foot switch.
Made in the U.S.A.


  • Tabletop de-clutch release
  • Weld ground fault protection
  • Digital RPM control
  • Linear single speed control knob, with center, push button start, stop or jog functions
  • Gas ID purge through the center shaft
  • High frequency interference protection
  • Easily bolts to any flat surface
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Billet aluminum gear housing
  • Heavy-duty steel cut gears
  • Quick adjustable tabletop
  • Appropriate for all welding applincations
  • Lightweight, anodized aluminum gear housing.


Balanced Load
Degrees Tilt Speed Range R.P.M.
260 lb* 10" 0° ~ 90° 0.1 ~ 6
Ground Capacity AMPS Input Voltage Shipping Weight Transmission
400A 60% Duty Cycle 120VAC 50/60 Hz 38 lbs Gear


Owners Manual Product Image
CobraTurn Digital Turntable


ON/OFF Foot Swith
005-0747 CobraTurn Turn Table On/Off Foot Switch 005-0747
10 Inch Turntable
005-0677 CobraTurn Turn Table On/Off Foot Switch 005-0747
3 Jaw Chuck
005-0812 CobraTurn Turn Table On/Off Foot Switch 005-0747
Variable Speed Foot Pedal
005-0746 CobraTurn Turn Table On/Off Foot Switch 005-0747
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