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MK Products Introduces the CobraTurn™ Digital Turntable For Maximum Precision and Repeatability - 2012

MK Products introduces the new CobraTurn Digital Turntable, designed for durability and performance with all welding processes. Utilized on small to large weld assemblies... Read more or Read PDF

Sidewinder® MiniSpool™ Gun by MK Products Delivers Maximum Performance with Minimum Size

MK Products presents the Sidewinder™ Mini-Spool™ gun with small diameter wire feeding capacity that makes it the best solution for MIG welding aluminum. Read more or Read PDF

MK Products Introduces Flex Barrel Designed for Hard to Reach Welds - 2011

MK Products introduces its newest product, a flexible barrel that bends from 180 to beyond 90 degrees depending on the application. The Flex Barrel offers the ability to weld in previously difficult areas found in aluminum welding.... Read more or Read PDF

MK Products Welding Technology on Mars Using the CobraTig® 150 Orbital Welding System - 2011

MK Product’s portable CobraTig 150 power supply, Cobra- Cooler, and Mini Micro 4000 weldheads were used to create 367 flight welds on the MSL Spacecraft, 155 welds were on the Rover-Loop and 212 were on the Cruise Loop, plus hundreds of practice and qualifying welds.... Read more or Read PDF

MK Products Announces Precision Welding Supply as Authorized Warranty Repair Station on East Coast - 2011

MK Products,announces Precision Welding Supply as its East Coast factory-authorized warranty repair station for the complete MK Products Orbital welding supply line. This creates an opportunity for MK Products users on the East Coast to have local access for their orbital equipment repair service needs. Read More or Read PDF

MK Products Cobramatic® Pro Series Push-Pull Wire Feed System Delivers Advanced Connectivity - 2010

MK Products introduces the Cobramatic Pro Series wire feed cabinet, with advanced connectivity that allows for universal input power from all welding power supplies. With the same dedicated function and performance as the original Cobramatic... Read more or Read PDF

MK Products Announces New President - 2010

MK Products, welding equipment design and manufacturer, announces Chris Westlake as its new president. He will be the third generation to assume leadership of the family owned and operated business that was founded in 1966 by Mike Kensrue. - Read More or Read PDF

Tribute to Our Founder  -  Mike Kensrue, 1921-2009

Mike was an inventor at heart, a successful businessman in Orange County and the founder of MK Products, where he holds over 50 patents that helped to shape the welding industry around the world. Read More

Python® LX Welding Gun - 2009

MK Products introduces the new Python® LX, combining the robust engineering of the Python and the stylish design of the Cobra® MX. MK’s premiere welding gun is now available... Read more or Read PDF

Mekrut Sales New Reps for the Northern Atlantic States and New England - 2007

MK Products announces Mekrut Sales Company, Inc. will be its new Cobramatic and Orbital product representative for the Northern Atlantic States and New England. Read more or Read PDF

Cobra® MX Welding Gun - 2007

MK Products introduces the new Cobra® MX patented design push-pull gooseneck gun that is capable of most any aluminum and hard wire welding job.Read more  or Read PDF

Cobra® SX Welding Gun - 2007

MK Products introduces the Cobra® SX gooseneck gun, which is able to handle more heat without the need for water-cooling and additional components, such as a coolant recirculator. Read more  or Read PDF

Safety Notice about MK Products Snake Skin® Cable Covers - 2007

MK Products is aware that its GMA Welding guns may have been shipped using a Snake Skin as provided by a vendor that may not be 100% leather, as advertised. Read PDF

Orbital Weldheads: DiamondBack™and CopperHead® - 2006

MK Products offers weldheads with capacities from 1/8 inch O.D. to 6 inch O.D., are application specific and adaptable to unusual weld configurations. Read more  or Read PDF

Global Python® - 2004

Specialty welding products manufacturer, MK Products Inc., intensifies its effort to provide premier welding equipment on a global scale. Read more or Read PDF

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