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Immediate Release - January 25, 2007

Cobra® SX - Lightest, Smallest Push-Pull Gooseneck Welding Gun by MK Products

Product: Cobra® SX Welding Gun/Torch

Irvine, CA – MK Products introduces the Cobra® SX gooseneck gun, which is able to handle more heat without the need for water-cooling and additional components, such as a coolant recirculator.

The Cobra® SX is provided as an air-only model to reduce unnecessary cable weight and components. With less than 1 ¼” nominal diameter handle grip and less than 1 lb 12 oz in total gun head weight, the Cobra® SX helps reduce welder fatigue. This makes it comfortable to operate, right or left handed.

The Cobra® SX feeds aluminum stainless and other hard wire materials, making it ideal for a multitude of welding jobs. Similar to MK Products original Cobra® gooseneck gun, the Cobra® SX also utilizes the original Cobra® consumables, with a Cobra® rear trigger location and a high-temperature barrel insulator. The Cobra® SX is an ideal push-pull gun for Cobramatic® Wire Feeders with gas & trigger control functions.

Established in 1966, MK Products is the original inventor of Cobramatic® push-pull wire feed technology and is recognized worldwide as the leader of aluminum welding systems. MK Products also manufactures MK Orbital™ tube welding systems for exotic alloys as well as the CobraTurn™ and Aircrafter™ table-top rotary positioners.

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