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Immediate Release - February 1, 2012

Sidewinder™ Mini-Spool™ Gun by MK Products Delivers Maximum Performance with Minimum Size

Product: Sidewinder MiniSpool Gun/Torch

Irvine, CA – MK Products presents the Sidewinder™ Mini-Spool™ gun with small diameter wire feeding capacity that makes it the best solution for MIG welding aluminum.

The Sidewinder’s compact design is lightweight (only 26 ounces with wire spool) and easy to maneuver. Its ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue and improves productivity. The patented spool and brake system keeps a level, uniform distribution of wire across the reel, eliminating tangles or jams in the welding wire, which could ultimately lead to burn backs and poor quality welds.

Our patent-pending quick-release Mini-Spool permits rapid wire spool changes with no tools and requires no additional settings or adjustments. The built-in gas valve makes the Sidewinder easy to connect with most welding power sources without complicated purge time control circuitry.

The Sidewinder Mini-Spool gun also features a knurled drive roll, which promotes positive welding wire engagement. A drive roll cover, protecting the welding circuit and the drive rolls from dust and other debris, easily opens and closes.

Established in 1966, MK Products is the original inventor of Cobramatic® push-pull wire feed technology and is recognized worldwide as the leader of aluminum welding systems. MK Products also manufactures MK Orbital™ tube welding systems for exotic alloys as well as the CobraTurn™ and Aircrafter™ table-top rotary positioners.

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