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48° Curved Cup and Tips

Expand the aluminum welding capabilities of your Prince® XL, Python® & Python® LX welding guns with the addition of a Curved Gas Cup and Contact Tips.

Made to fit all current production Straight, Air/Water and Air Cooled barrels for the Prince® XL, Python® & Python® LX welding guns. The simple, curved design of these tips establishes a more positive electrical contact with the welding wire; enhancing arc strikes and arc characteristics. The narrow profile of the Curved Gas Cup (3/4” outside diameter) enables the operator to reach in and weld in very tight spaces, seams or gaps.

Catalog Page for Curved Cup and Tips: Here

To adapt the curved front-end assembly to your straight barrel, choose from the part numbers shown below.

Choose from the part numbers shown below

Choose Your 48° Curved Tip
48° Curved Tip

Size    Tip ID*  |   Tip PN

  • .035”   (.044”)    621-0451
  • .040”   (.053”)    621-0452
  • 3/64”   (.053”)    621-0452
  • 3/64”   (.060”)    621-0453
  • 1/16”   (.074”)    621-0454

*Length of weld and heat may determine tip size

48° Curved Gas Cup, Nut and Tip Adapter

Add these required parts

Description     |   Part Number

  • Curved Gas Cup       621-0375

  • Chrome Nut        449-0193

  • Curved Tip Adapter    003-2230

Prince XL with Curved cup and Tip 48 deg

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