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FAQ - MIG Power Supply - 250 / 260

Wire Feeder Power Supply

Most wire feeder and feeding questions carry over from the Cobramatic Wire Feed Cabinet section.

Q. What is the difference between my CobraMig 250 and the CobraMig 260?

There are various differences between these two, depending on which CobraMig 250 was purchased. Some were dedicated to single input power while those made in the later years were Posa-Tap style, which could sense different input power values. The CobraMig 250 was rated for 250A at 30% Duty Cycle. The CobraMig 260 is referred to as a Multi-Tap unit, and can be easily changed for different input power values. The CobraMig 260 is rated for 260A at 60% Duty Cycle.

Q. What input power can be connected to the CobraMig 260?

208 / 230 / 416 / 480 Single Phase Only.

Q. What options are available for my CobraMig power supply?

There are various options and kits available for this unit, they are as follows: P/N 005-0169 Gun Lead Hanger Kit P/N 005-0253 Water Pressure Switch P/N 005-0585 Digital Volt/Amp Meter Kit P/N 005-0586 Spot or Stitch Timer Kit P/N 005-0674 Gas Purge/Trigger Latching.

Q. Which welding guns can be connected to the CobraMig 260?

For the most current information contact Customer Support.

Q. Why is the welding wire always electrically "hot", even if I don’t have the trigger pulled?

The solid state contactor, or the signal to the contactor may be defective. Use the flowcharts in the CobraMig 260 owner’s manual to isolate the problem area or part. The defective parts/areas could be the Power Supply Control Board (P/N 003-1741), the Transformer Relay (P/N 003-0593) or, the K2 relay.

Q. Why is it an arc can be struck and established, but there is no control from the front of the unit?

Most likely, the Power Supply Control Board (P/N 003-1741) is defective. If the Remote Voltage Kit (P/N 005-0584) is installed, check the jumpers on the back of the Power Supply Control Board, the remote cable connection on the front panel and the potentiometer in the pendent.

Q. Is there a way in which to connect a 120VAC auxiliary unit, such as a water-cooler to run from the CobraMig 260?

No. Currently, there is no available 120VAC circuit in the CobraMig 260 to support this or, any other auxiliary device.

Q. Why does the CobraMig 260 stop welding after only welding for 2 or 3 minutes?

The thermal switch (P/N 170-0003) could be sensing too much heat on the heat sink assembly. Turn CobraMig 260 off and let cool. Check the cooling fan for proper operation.

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