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FAQ - Prince XL and Prince XL Spool Gun

MIG Welding Gun (Welding Torch)

Q. Why is there is groove in my knurled drive roll?

PIB 0008-A Insulated Drive Rolls.

Q. How do I tell the difference between a Prince and a Prince XL?

At first glance the Prince and Prince XL look identical however, there are telltale signs that indicate a difference. The quickest way to notice is to look at the way the barrel is held to the gun body, all Prince XL barrels use a hand-tightening nut to hold it to the front of the gun body. Whereas Prince guns use two set screws to clamp inside the gun body.

Q. If I have a barrel for a Prince, will it fit the Prince XL?

No. The method in which the barrel is held in the gun body is completely different between the two guns, and is not common between the two gun styles.

Q. Will my Prince gas cup fit on the Prince XL?

Yes. All Prince guns are air cooled and use the standard gas cup.

Q. Can I convert my Prince to a Prince XL?

No. The main components that need to be changed include: gun body, barrel, handles, power cable… It is easier and cheaper to purchase a new Prince XL.

Q. What do I need to convert my Air Cooled Prince XL to Water cooled?

Three items:

  1. Water Cooled Barrel Assembly
  2. Water Cooled Power Cable
  3. Water Hose.

Q. Is there a way to recalibrate the potentiometer?

Yes. Turn the pot knob in one direction until it stops. Then turn the knob in the opposite direction until it stops, then back again to the first stop. With power applied to the motor, you will hear the motor change speeds while turning the knob.

Q. Why does the wire keep "walking" out of the drive rolls?

This is usually caused by misalignment of the welding wire traveling from the rear wire guide, through the drive rolls, then into the front wire guide.

In most cases, the grooved drive roll is either the wrong size for the wire being welded, or it is upside down, or it does not have the proper spacer underneath. Other occurrences are related to guide tube and/or wire guide placement.

Q. How do I test the potentiometer?

Measure resistance across the wiper and the both ends of the potentiometer.

Using an ohmmeter, measure resistance across pin "D" (wiper) and pin "C". The resistance should vary from 0-5K ohms while turning the potentiometer.

Measure the resistance across pin "D" (wiper) and pin "G". The resistance should vary from 5K-0 ohms while turning the potentiometer.

Q. How do I test the micro switch?

Place a continuity tester across pins "E" and "F". When the trigger is pulled, the signal should close.

Q. How can I tell if the motor is bad?

Using an ohmmeter measure the resistance across pins "A" and "B". A good motor will have a resistance between 5-10 ohms.

Q. How do I connect my Spool Gun to my existing power supply?

There is a interface relationship between what the gun requires from the power supply, and what the power supply requires from the gun. Because of the many different power supplies that can have a spool gun connected, please reference the MK Weld Control Selector Guide.

This guide gives instructions on connecting not only spool guns, but MK wire feed cabinets, external contactors, and other weld control components. It is available at no cost from Customer Support (800) 787-9707 or Download from the web.

Q. Why does the motor fuse in my speed control unit keep blowing when I use my new Prince XL/Spool Gun?

The higher torque-lower voltage motors in the new Prince guns use more amperage at start up. This increased amperage may or may not cause the 2A fuse to blow. It is recommended to change the existing AGC 2A 250V fuse (P/N 151-0001) with fuse 3AG 4A 250V (P/N 151-0043).

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