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FAQ - CobraCooler

Portable Coolant Recirculator
(Attaches to CobraTig® 150 welding power source)

Q. Can I use automotive anti-freeze in my Cobra Cooler?

No. Automotive anti-freeze is corrosive to the internal parts of both the CobraCooler and any MK Weldheads being used. Use Cobra Coolant, or contact factory for further information.

Q. I have everything hooked up properly and the Cobra Cooler powered on, but the coolant is not flowing through the lines and back to the reservoir. What is happening??

There could be a bubble in one of the lines, unplug the hose connection at the cooler, and then reconnect. Also tilt the Cobra Cooler by lifting front end, this can aid in getting flow started if there is an air bubble in one of the lines.

Q. How often should I change the coolant?

Cobra Coolant should be changed at least every three months under normal use. If you are going to store your Cobra Cooler for weeks or months without use, it should be drained before storage. Fill it up with fresh coolant after storage. Using clean Cobra Coolant will improve the longevity of both the Cobra Cooler and the weldheads being used.

Q. Can I convert my Cobra Cooler to run on 220 V input power?

Yes. Like your CobraTig, the Cobra Cooler can be switched over to accept 220 V input power. Please consult your owner’s manual, or give MK Products customer service a call.

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