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FAQ - Copperhead 5003

Orbital Weldheads

Q. Do I always have to run coolant through my 5003 when I am welding?

No, you can run the 5003, 5002, and 5001 Copperheads without coolant, provided that you do not make too many welds in a short time. One weld every 5 minutes is suggested when running the weldhead without coolant. However, running coolant with a Cobra Cooler through your 5003 will improve the longevity of your weldhead, as well as giving you the option to make weld after weld without concern of overheating your Copperhead. Running a weldhead without coolant can also endanger the warranty, if the current is too high, or if too many welds are made in a short time.

Q. What do I set my arc gap distance at?

It depends on the material you are welding, stainless vs. titanium, etc. A good basic formula is 1/2 the thickness of the tube being welded, plus .010. For example, if you were welding .065 wall stainless tubing, formula would be .033 plus .010, arc gap would be .043. This can be increased or reduced by a few thousandths, once welds have been made and parameters are set in power supply. Keep a record of your settings and parameters once best results have been achieved and tested.

Q. Why does my 5003 not strike an arc when start button has been pressed and pre purge has completed?

There are a number of causes for arc fault, or no arc strike. First, verify that the tungsten is new or in good condition, and check your arc gap. Also, make sure that the tube or ferrule being welded has a good ground, this can be achieved by tightening down the plungers in the collets and weldhead with the allen wrench that is used for the collet screws. Be careful not to over tighten the plungers, make contact with tube, then ¼ to ½ turn will be tight enough. Make sure that you are using the correct coolant, Cobra Coolant, as this will help keep arc strikes consistent. Do not use too much argon gas pressure, as too much pressure can keep the arc from initiating. For a 5003, 25 to 30 CFH would be maximum gas flow that is needed. Give MK Products Customer Service a call for assistance in helping you with your application.

Q. What part numbers do I need for Tungsten Extenders and Offset Holders?

You can download the Tungsten Layout Configuration Chart here. See Chart to determine which parts you need.
T (Tungsten P/N: 635-063-SERIES)
X (Tungsten Extender Assembly P/N: 002-0770)
H-90 (Tungsten Holder Assembly 90 DEG P/N: 002-0771)
H-20/30 (Tungsten Holder Assembly 20 & 30 DEG P/N: 002-0772)

NOTE: Possible combinations are not limited by what is shown on this chart, other configurations can be arranged accordingly.

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