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FAQ - DiamondBack 5006

Orbital Weldheads

Q. I cannot find the Cobra Cooler connections on the cable assembly for my 5006 DiamondBack weldhead. Why is this?

The 5006 DiamondBack is not a watercooled weldhead. The reason for this is that the 5006 is a much larger weldhead than the CopperHead series and 4000 Mini Micro weldheads. The heat dissipates quicker with the 5006 DiamondBack, eliminating the need to run coolant through this weldhead. Typically, set up and fit up times are longer for larger diameter tube and pipe, so the time in between orbital welds is longer also, giving the 5006 even more time to cool down.

Q. I cannot calibrate my 5006 at the same motor speeds as the CopperHead series weldheads, or the 4000 Mini Micro weldhead. Why is this?

The motor speed and tach feedback values for the DiamondBack are different than that of smaller weldheads. The 5006 runs slower as it is a much larger weldhead. The default speed for motor calibration is automatically set when the control cable for the 5006 is installed to your CobraTig 150 power supply. The calibration speeds for the 5006 are .50 RPM low speed, and 1.50 RPM at high speed.

Q. Can I use my 25 foot extension cable for my CopperHead on a 5006 DiamondBack weldhead?

Yes, hook up everything as you would for your CopperHead, but leave the waterlines disconnected as the 5006 is not a watercooled weldhead. Disconnect any fittings from your Cobra Cooler also while running the 5006 DiamondBack. The fittings on the water lines will not allow any dirt or debris to enter the coolant flow lines for your CopperHead. There is also no need to power up your Cobra Cooler when running a 5006 DiamondBack.

Q. After completing welds on a job for larger diameter tube, I switched back to my CopperHead to complete another smaller diameter orbital tube welding job. Why are the calibration values still set up for the DiamondBack when I installed the control cable for a CopperHead weldhead?

The software in the CobraTig 150 needs to have the motor calibration values reset manually when switching from a DiamondBack weldhead to a CopperHead series weldhead. This can be done by simply going to the calibration menu on the CobraTig 150, and changing the calibration speed default values back to 2.00 RPM low and 6.00 RPM high for the CopperHead. Please reference your owners manual or give MK customer service a call if you have any problems.

Q. What part numbers do I need for Tungsten Extenders and Offset Holders?

You can download the Tungsten Layout Configuration Chart here. See Chart to determine which parts you need.
T (Tungsten P/N: 635-063-SERIES)
X (Tungsten Extender Assembly P/N: 002-0770)
H-90 (Tungsten Holder Assembly 90 DEG P/N: 002-0771)
H-20/30 (Tungsten Holder Assembly 20 & 30 DEG P/N: 002-0772)

NOTE: Possible combinations are not limited by what is shown on this chart, other configurations can be arranged accordingly.

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