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ACL Software and Firmware

Installation Instructions for ACL models 254-202 & 254-203:  PDF

Latest ACL Firmware Downloads

To Download: For Windows: Right click on the link and select "save target as".

ACL Classic VIA ACL Classic Nvidia ACL Advanced GUI ACL Complete Set
VIA Graphics
Nvidia Graphics
3 Latest Versions,
Boot and Instructions
Version 1011 Version 1011N Version 1702 Version 1011, 1011N and 1111
Bin file
Bin File
Bin File
(See Below)
(Bin file)
(Bin file)
(Bin file)
ZIP (40mb)
(3 Bin files,
Boot and Instructions)

ACL Demos

These files are images of bootable demo CDs that you can run on a standard PC without installing anything onto your hard drive.

To create a live CD follow the directions below:

  • Download ACL Demo (currently released version) (file size = 500kB) or
  • Download ACL Beta Demo (Beta demo of future release version still being tested) (205MB).
  • Unzip the file using any of the Zip programs (i.e., WinZip, WinRAR).
  • Open any program that can burn CDs from an ISO image (i.e., Nero, UltraISO).
  • For Nero: under "Copy and Backup" menu, select "Burn Image to Disc".
  • To run the demo CD, reboot the PC and let it boot from the CD. You may have to change the BIOS settings to allow booting from the CD.
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