Since 1955, in the north of Skagit Bay, Mount Vernon, Washington, you’ll find Rozema Boat Works (RBW), a (3rd generation) family owned and operated custom boat building company, specializing in boats that range from sein skiffs to fire rescue boats.

Building boats in their 14,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility includes not only the usual run of "Breaks Presses", plasma cutting and TIG operations, but 18 stations of the highest quality MIG push-pull welding in the Pacific Northwest (which consists of all Cobramatic guns and wire feeders cabinets).

Rozema Boat Works customers expect the best in quality and workmanship, and RBW delivers, using the best in quality aluminum welding equipment from MK Products. This began in 1966 with MK Products' first generation Air Drive and continues today with the Python and Cobra MAX using MK Products' push-pull technology.

I've used the Cobra since the 60s and I’ll continue to do so because there is no other that is better!

Clarence Rozema, who is still hands on and does the repairs, states” I’ve used the Cobra since the 60s and I’ll continue to do so because there is no other that is better! We just went through the old Air Drive gun, and put it on the line. We welded up a gas tank, and it worked just fine. That’s dependability!

"We grew up on the Cobra, it's our favorite, and we won't change until there is something better. Some of the old plastic door Cobramatic wire feeders are still in service in our shop too, along with some of the newer metal door Cobramatics. The electronics are good, and repair is so easy”.

Clarence is supported by our MK Northern California Representative, Walter Godsil, along with Rozema's distributor of choice, Al Eshuis-Airgas Northwest. Both will be calling on Clarence next month to demonstrate the newer version of the old Cobra Gold, the Cobra MX.

MK Products is proud to be a big part of the quality, growth and staying power at RBW.