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Welding Tips - GMA Welding

Product: Cobra Welding Systems

Python: Did you know? The barrel of the Python can be rotated 180º, so you can trigger the gun with your thumb.This will keep your fingertips off the pot.

Proper Grounding - Be sure to always connect the workpiece to a proper earth ground. Connect the frames of electrically powered machines to a properly grounded disconnect switch, receptacle or other appropriate ground. Always double-check the installation and verify proper grounding.

Power Cable - When installing a replacement power cable ALWAYS use a conductive sealant on the threads to insure maximum weld current transfer.

Changing Spool of Wire - Blow out the conduit every time you change a spool of wire.

Aluminum, Doesn’t Look Hot - Welders always carry soapstones or a piece of chalk... in order to write the word ‘HOT’ on or around a recently welded piece of metal, that in the case of aluminum, doesn’t always look hot.

Measure Wire Feed Speed - For GMA Welding, to measure wire feed speed in the field on equipment without a digital display; reduce pre-purge time to zero and turn off PosaStart, hold trigger to measure out wire for 6 seconds, multiply the measured length of wire by 10 (length x 10 = wire feed speed) to estimate the IPM.

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Established in 1966, MK Products is the original inventor of Cobramatic® push-pull wire feed technology and is recognized worldwide as the leader of aluminum welding systems. MK Products also manufactures MK Orbital™ tube welding systems for exotic alloys as well as the CobraTurn™ and Aircrafter™ table-top rotary positioners.

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