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Welding Tips - Orbital GTA Welding

Product: Cobratig 150, ACL and Orbital Weldheads

Tungsten Arc Gap Settings - For Orbital GTA Welding, tungsten arc gap settings can vary with application. Most manufacturing cell and benchtop tube welding environments benefit from the following formula: Arc Gap = 1/2WT + .010” [WT=Wall Thickness]. While tube welding in the field and pipe welding applications generally use the following: Arc Gap = Wall Thickness up to .070” MAX.

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Established in 1966, MK Products is the original inventor of Cobramatic® push-pull wire feed technology and is recognized worldwide as the leader of aluminum welding systems. MK Products also manufactures MK Orbital™ tube welding systems for exotic alloys as well as the CobraTurn™ and Aircrafter™ table-top rotary positioners.

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