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CopperHeads® GTAW Weldheads

  • Model:            5001    CopperHead® I    (1/8” ~ 1” O.D.)   Cooling Requirements: Yes
  • Model:            5002    CopperHead® II   (1/4” ~ 2” O.D.)   Cooling Requirements: Yes
  • Model:            5003    CopperHead® III  (1/2” ~ 3” O.D.)   Cooling Requirements: Yes

Price: Call for Quote CopperHead II GTAW Weldhead


Whether it’s for bench or portable applications, MK Products provides a solution when it comes to orbital welding systems. As our most cost effective and rugged in-place orbital weldhead, the CopperHead® series is an ideal cost saver for sanitary and high pressure tube systems. All CopperHeads® are Water Cooled with fingertip controls in the weldhead handle and come ready to plug into the CobraTig® 150 SM and Advanced Color Logic® power sources.


  • Perfect for sanitary and high pressure tube and pipe jobs.
  • Weld fitting collets, mandrels and special tooling available.
  • CopperHead® offers versatility and high-output production rates.
  • Water Cooled, narrow profile CopperHeads® ideal for awkward welds with limited access.
  • Standard cable lengths of 25ft (7.6m).

Accessories and Consumables

  • Popular Accessory:
  • CopperHeads® I-III Benchmount Kit (P/N 005-0634)
  • 25 ft (7.6m) Extension Cable (P/N 005-0635)
  • 50 ft (15.2m) Extension Cable (P/N 005-0635-50)

  • Collets, Flush and Extended
  • A set of collets is defined as top and bottom halves for each side of the weldhead.
  • Typically, 2 sets are required per each weldhead.
  • See price book for part numbers.
Locating Mandrels
Locating Mandrels

Locating Mandrels are used for precise and repeatable tube and welding fitting positioning and alignment. See price book or call customer service for part numbers.

Owners Manuals - References


Cooling Requirements

ALL Copperheads

MUST use
Cobra® Coolant

Failure to use Cobra Coolant will void warranty.

CobraCooler Recirculator

250-153 CobraCooler Coolant Recirculator

Provides cooling for Copperhead weldheads using Cobra® Coolant

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