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Advanced Color Logic

Advanced Color Logic® - GTAW Orbital Power Supply / Controller

  • Model:            254-203

Price: Call for Quote ACL Orbital Power Supply / Controller


The patented Advanced Color Logic® delivers controlled welding current needed to perform high-integrity orbital tube welds and is the perfect package for manufacturing environments.

Exclusive Auto Program Generator for easy weld setup and retrieval of saved procedures. Repeatability and precision, combined with real time data monitoring, traceability, and verification conform to most inspection and quality requirements.

Pentium® class processor for the fastest real time on-screen visual display of all welding parameters. Playback entire weld graphically for analysis or download to offline computer.

Features and Options

  • Digital control and real-time graphics provide ease of operation and on-screen reference.
  • Make your next weld while viewing the process in real time with 17” LCD flat screen monitor.
  • Patented updated software now delivers more information, faster.
  • USB equipped for moving, storing and transferring weld data and procedures.
  • Programming is easy: just enter the tube diameter and wall thickness.
  • Weld data monitoring can be printed or viewed as text, graphic on-screen displays or exported to a spreadsheet file.
  • Line Power (+\- 10%)
  • 120VAC 50/60 Hz Single Phase, 15A
  • 120VAC 50/60 Hz Single Phase, 15A, UL
  • 208/240VAC 50/60 Hz Single or Three Phase, 30A

  • Alternative or Additional Input Power Cords
  • 120 VAC, Single Phase (P/N 843-0600)
  • 208/240 VAC, Single Phase (P/N 843-0602)
  • 208/240 VAC, Three Phase (P/N 843-0603)
  • 220 VAC, Single Phase, Euro (P/N 843-0601)
  • Universal 120 VAC, 30 A UL (P/N 843-0613)

Owners Manuals - References



  • ACL Tools and Accessories:
  • 005-0698 Calibration Kit
  • Recirculator
  • 250-153 CobraCooler Coolant Recirculator

Provides water cooling for any MK Water Cooled weldhead

Sanitary, Short Ferrule Collets

Easy to use and cost effective collets to simplify your orbital welding applications. MK strives to make your job easier by providing off-the-shelf solutions to life’s tough challenges. Collets designed for precise tungsten placement offer enhanced repeatability for each weld.

Short Ferrule Collet

High-Pressure Weld Tooling

Custom machined collets combined with locating and threaded weld fitting mandrels position the electrode right where you want it. MK’s ability to create standard and custom tooling can help make the difference in your critical welding applications, including aerospace.

Custom machined collets with locating mandrels

Sanitary • High-Pressure • Ultra High-Purity

Miniature weld fitting collets, tool mounting side plates and clamping jaws are made of nickel plated tool steel and each hardened for wear and toughness. These are just some of the standards that you have come to expect from MK, the leader in orbital welding systems.

Miniature weld fitting collet

Cobra® Coolant

Aluminum Protection

For best performance, use only Cobra® Coolant.
Failure to use Cobra® Coolant will void warranty.

Exception: See the MiniMicro™ Weldhead for more details.

  • Sizes Available:
  • 1 Gallon (3.78L)
    P/N 931-0060

  • 1 Case (4 Gallons, 1 Gal ea.)
    P/N 931-0060-4

  • 5 Gallon (18.92L)
    P/N 931-0060-5GAL

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