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CobraMig 300

CobraMig® 300 - Power Supply and Feeder

  • Models:             CobraMig Power Supply and Feeder: 187-001
  • Models:             Feeder - ONLY: 187-101
  • Models:             Power Supply - ONLY: 187-201
  • Models:             X Guns - See PNs below:
  • Lengths:           15 ft, 25 ft, 35 ft and 50 ft lengths
  • MUST Specify 240 or 480 SiNgle phase Power

Price : CobraMig Power Supply and Feeder


It's back! CobraMig 300. Transform your Aluminum Welding. Original Patented Push-Pull Technology with digital gun compatibility. Feeder now separates from the Power Supply. Simplified user interface. All new series of digital push-pull guns. Accepts all 14 Pin Analog and Digital Pin Guns.

X Series Push-Pull / Plug and Play guns:

Python X, Prince X and Cobra X


  • Simplified User Interface
  • Only 3 adjustments need to be made. Pressing the ‘SELECT’ button toggles you between Voltage, Wire Speed or Saved Memory position. Adjustments to each parameter can be made with a single knob.

  • User Memories
  • The CobraMig 300 will remember up to 8 memory settings, allowing for quick set up time between welds. Coupled with our Digital Guns your User Memories can be change on the fly from the Gun itself, virtually eliminating downtime on even the most complex projects.

  • 14 Pin Amphenol
  • The 14 pin Amphenol allows for full digital control from the gun. It also gives it the ability to auto sense which gun is in use and automatically adjusts the software to best match the performance of the gun.

  • Plug & Play
  • The New X Series Push-Pull/ Plug and Play guns plug directly into a single receiver located in the front of the Wire Feed portion of the CobraMig 300.

  • Wheel Around Unit
  • The CobraMig 300 is a completely portable unit seated securely on 4 wheel chassis, for the ease of mobility and movement around the shop.  

User Interface


User Memories


Simplified User Interface


X Series Push-Pull Plug and Play welding guns


Wheel Around Unit
  • Detachable Wire Feeder
  • By using the “CobraLoc” locking feature, you can detach the Wire Feeder from the Power Supply to achieve full portability. 25’, 50’ or greater length interface cables are available as an accessory.

  • Easy Wirefeed Setup
  • The CobraMig 300 is extremely easy to set up. First, open the wirefeeder cabinet door.
  • With three intuitive adjustments, wire type, spool tension and wire size, you are ready to start running wire.


  • CobraLoc
  • The easy to use locking mechanism, “CobraLoc” ensures your Wire Feeder is securely locked in place on top of your Power supply. But with a single swipe of the “CobraLoc” lever you can uncouple the detachable wire feeder allowing for unparalleled freedom of movement.

  • Cylinder Holder
  • The handy cylinder holder is incorporated into the chassis, designed to move your gas from location to location, wherever you need your CobraMig 300 to weld.

Detachable Wire Feeder

Cobramig 300 Easy Wirefeed Setup
Cobramig 300 Easy Wirefeed Setup




Cylinder Holder

Accessories and Wire

  • 7 pin - 14 Pin Pig Tail (843-0726)
  • 25’ Extension/ Interface Cable (003-2606)
  • MK Classic to Pwr Pin Adapter (003-2607)
  • Kit Cable Holders (005-0785)
  • Wire type and diameter:
  • .030” - 1/16” Aluminum (0.8 mm - 1.6 mm)
  • .030” - .045” solid & hard wire* (0.8 mm - 1.1 mm)
  • Wire: *Steel, stainless steel & flux core steel wires
  • Wire Spool Capacity 12” Standard (Insulated or Non-insulated)

Choose Your Power Supply

  • Combination:
  • 187-001 CobraMig 300 - CV Power Supply

  • Individual:
  • 187-101 CobraMig Feeder - ONLY
  • 187-201 CobraMig 300 - CV Power Supply - ONLY
CobraMig 300 - CV Power Supply Combination with feeder
Cobramig 300-sold indivually-power supply only or wire feeder only

Choose Your Gun - X Series Push-Pull Guns: AC

Python, Cobra and Prince… these are the names known world-wide as the best Push / Pull mig guns obtainable. With our new X Series line of torches we are bringing all the best components of their predecessors and giving them a digital overhaul. When combined with the imposing new CobraMig 300 you are able to control wire-speed, amperage and pre-selected memory recalls directly from the gun itself. Change your weld program just as fast as you change your needs. Virtually remove set-up time between welds, increase productivity and make more in less time.

350-715  (15ft 14P AC)
350-725  (25ft 14P AC)
350-735  (35ft 14P AC)
350-750  (50ft 14P AC)
341-815   (15ft 14P AC)
341-825   (25ft 14P AC)
341-835   (35ft 14P AC)
341-850   (50ft 14P AC)
343-815   (15ft 14P AC)
343-825   (25ft 14P AC)
343-835   (35ft 14P AC)
343-850   (50ft 14P AC)
Gas Cups, Contact Tips, Barrels, Barrel Liners, Drive Roll Kits, Tip Extenders and more.

Owners Manuals - References

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