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Cobra X - X Series Digital Push-Pull Gun

Cobra® X - X Series Digital Push-Pull Gun

  • Model:             Air Cooled: 343-815   (15ft 14P AC)
  • Model:             Air Cooled: 343-825    (25ft 14P AC)
  • Model:             Air Cooled: 343-835   (35ft 14P AC)
  • Model:             Air Cooled: 343-850    (50ft 14P AC)
  • Lengths:        15 ft, 25 ft, 35 ft and 50 ft lengths

Price: Cobra X Power Pin - Air Cooled - Standard 25 ft


Familiar with Cobra® Gold? Cobra® X is a direct replacement with all of MK Products’ latest features and manufacturing techniques. This Digitally Controlled gun features our famous push-pull gooseneck design and weighs only 2 lb 5 oz. The Patented Cobra® X is ready to fit all your aluminum welding needs.


CobraMig® 300 Compatibility (Air Cooled Only)


  • Digital Control directly from the gun (WireSpeed, Voltage, Memory). Precision incremental adjustments, allows Scroll through menu remotely on CobraMig® 300
  • Direct Plug-in with MK CobraMig® 300 System
  • Rear Trigger Placement The original Push/Pull design. Legendary performance coupled with superb heat control makes the Cobra X the go to choice for high heat, small clearance endurance runs.
  • Trigger Lock Click-on, click-off ability reduces user fatigue allowing for higher quality welds.
  • Easy Change Liner Liners are held in place with set screws making changes fast and simple.
  • Cobra® fix mount barrel with high temp barrel insulator
  • Robust construction This gun is the most tried and true Push/Pull gun in existence. There is a reason some Cobra gun users have been using these guns daily for 30 years or more. They are built to take on the most grueling conditions and keep on going, again and again and again. On the rare occasion a repair is needed, spare parts are available and easily obtained.
Duty Cycle 100%
Rated Output
Direct Plug-in
plug and play back end power-pin
Rated Output

Rated Output determined by the gun having an Air Cooled (A/C) barrel.

Cobra X A/C is 175 Amps
(Classic Cup - 1/4 inch tip)

Plug and Play

Plug and Play guns plug directly into the

MK CobraMig® 300 System

Accessories / Consumables

  • Standard Cobra® MX consumable parts (Gas cup, Contact tip, Barrel Liner, Drive / Idler Roll, Cable bundle)
  • Call Factory for replacement parts
  • Available in Air Cooled models only

Owners Manuals - References

Owners MANUAL Coming Soon! CATALOG Page Quick Start Guide Product IMAGE

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