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Python X - X Series Digital Push-Pull Gun

Python® X - X Series Digital Push-Pull Gun

  • Model:             Air Cooled: 341-815   (15ft 14P AC)
  • Model:             Air Cooled: 341-825    (25ft 14P AC)
  • Model:             Air Cooled: 341-835   (35ft 14P AC)
  • Model:             Air Cooled: 341-850    (50ft 14P AC)
  • Lengths:        15 ft, 25 ft, 35 ft and 50 ft lengths

Price: Python X Power Pin - Air Cooled - Standard 25 ft


Power and performance is the best way to describe a gun so advanced that even the competition is on edge. Taking a lesson from both the Cobra® X and (inline design) the Prince® X, (removable/rotable barrel) the Python® X Digital gun adds its own unique set of features with time proven design to bring together the most advanced welding gun available.


CobraMig® 300 Compatibility (Air Cooled Only)


  • Digital Control (WireSpeed, Voltage, Memory) directly from the gun. Precision incremental adjustments, allows Scroll through menu remotely on CobraMig® 300
  • Direct Plug-in with MK CobraMig® 300 System
  • Ergonomic handle provides for hours of continuous fatigue free welding. provide a lightweight responsive feel that makes the Python X the most comfortable Push/Pull gun on the market today.
  • Improved handle design allows Snake Skin to “Tie” wrap to handle
  • EZ-Lock barrel can easly rotate 360* to provide the perfect weld angle for all jobs. Change and rotate barrels on the fly, no tools required.
  • Trigger Lock Click-on, click-off ability reduces user fatigue allowing for higher quality welds.
  • Easy Change Liner Liners are held in place with set screws making changes fast and simple.
  • Robust construction The Python X is built to take a beating. On the rare occasion a repair is needed spare parts are available and easily obtained.
Duty Cycle 100%
Rated Output
Direct Plug-in
plug and play back end power-pin
Rated Output

Rated Output determined by the gun having an Air Cooled (A/C) barrel.

Python X A/C is 225 Amps

Plug and Play

Plug and Play guns plug directly into the

MK CobraMig® 300 System

Accessories / Consumables

  • Can be used with MK’s new Flex Barrel, which is designed for hard to reach welds. See Flex Barrels for part numbers. Air Cooled models only.
  • Standard Python® consumable parts (Gas cup, Contact tip, Barrel Liner, Drive / Idler Roll, Cable bundle)
  • Call Factory for replacement parts
  • Available in Air Cooled models only

Owners Manuals - References

Owners MANUAL Coming Soon! CATALOG Page Quick Start Guide Product IMAGE

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